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Get ready for Autumn.

Autumn is an exciting part of the year for many reasons. However, it's also the time of year when drains become sticky with leaves and built up debris, which has become embedded in sewer lines. As such, it's also time to begin cleaning up drains - and for you to take steps in your home to ensure your drainage is working properly.

It's easy to reach for that bottle of drain cleaner, but doing so is not always effective and can damage plumbing systems. The chemicals made to break up debris, allowing it to flush through pipes, are also abrasive on pipe linings. Any drain cleaners containing acid or lye should never be used in a drain. Traditional cleaners are usually harmful for humans to touch without gloves and come with warning labels. Instead, there are plenty of effective and environmentally safe ways to clean drains. At MK Drains we are experts in preventative measures to avoid nasty, costly emergency call outs.

Call us today about having your gullies and drains cleared to prevent blockages and flooding.

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