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Patch Lining

Patch lining (also known as drain relining or pipelining) is a no-mess and cost-effective alternative to traditional drain repairs.

It involves lining the inside of a drain with a UPVC lining which then bonds to the inside of the pipe.


The Benefits of Patch Lining:

There are numerous benefits to lining drains over replacing them.

  • No digging or trenching required which reduces cost & hassle.

  • The lining itself forms a barrier against roots getting into the pipework.

  • Drain lining is cost effective as it’s cheaper than replacing pipes.

  • Improved flow rates.

MK Drains Drain Relining Process

  • We start with a CCTV survey of the drain to identify the damaged section.

  • We then clean and de-scale the affected section of pipework with high pressure water jetting.

  • The relining sleeve is then installed by way of air inflation. This sleeve cures over a period of up to three hours per run.

  • Once the curing period is complete, the inflation tube is removed

  • The new relined section is then cleaned to remove any excess resin solution.

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