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Grease Traps

Fat and grease management is a major concern for many of our clients. A lot of people wouldn’t think twice before pouring hot fat down the kitchen sink, not realising that further down the drainage system, it will solidify and cause blockages.

Call MK Drains for a speedy resolution. We can break down the congealed fat, leaving the waste system free flowing and trouble free.

Restaurants and hotel kitchens and stores often have a grease management system to either collect the liquid fat or, by using enzymes, break down the fat before it reaches the drainage system. These grease management systems, or ‘grease traps’ need regular cleaning, emptying and maintaining. MK Drains have experts licensed in the maintaining and installation of the grease traps. We are even licenced in the disposal of the waste.

Contact us today for a free quotation, let us provide you with the correct maintenance contract today. We will keep your kitchens cooking!

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