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About Us

A blocked drain is a true emergency. It has to be done fast and it has to be done right. MK Drains does both at an extremely affordable prices. We will clear your residential house main drain using our standard 50’ drain machine.  Using our state of the art technology to thoroughly diagnose the cause of the blockage and to prevent it from happening again. Call us now at 085 136 3967 to have your drains cleared today!

Our expert engineers have the proper equipment and expertise to solve any other clogged drain issue you may have, from cctv surveys to root removal we’ll do it fast, we’ll do it efficiently and leave the work area as clean as we found it!

We work extremely hard to deliver the highest level of customer service - it's our No 1 priority. Our customer service is best in class and unmatched in the industry. It all starts when you call our office.

We know that when you have a drain emergency, the last thing you want to deal with is an unfriendly person on the other end of the phone. We promise to greet you with a warm friendly voice that will understand your situation, make you a priority and schedule an appointment time that fits your schedule.

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